1) Rento Mojo will deliver you the Fun Basket twice a month on free home delivery basis. The day you enroll into Rento Mojo family, you will receive a call or message for the pick-up & drop of the  toys. Please respond as soon as possible if you want to reschedule the delivery.

2) Delivery will be rescheduled on the same day & date. Timings may differ as per your convenience. Or we can give you another option by dropping it at your neighbour's house.

3) All items will be thoroughly checked & counted in front of the respective parent by us.

4) We will seal the box before delivering it to you, if you find it broken or incomplete, please return it immediately to our delivery representatives.

 5) We dont deliver on National holidays.

  6) The factors that may affect the delivery times include -

   6.1) Distance from the distribution center to the delivery address.

    6.2) Weather conditions.

   6.3) Traffic criteria.

   6.4) If any medical emergencies.

   6.5) Unavailability of the parent at home.

##Membership, upgrade and renewal

    1) Rento Mojo accepts payments via Cash, Cheques and Paytm.

    2) Rento Mojo will inform you for the payment via phone calls and messages.

    3)A month is considered as 4 weeks.

    4) You can upgrade your packages whenever you feel to. Prior information is appreciated as it makes easy for us to plan in a proper way & serve you the best.

    5) Our prices may change time-to-time on prior notice.

    6) If you want to freeze for a certain period (Freezing criteria and limits are discussed during the admission procedure.) please inform us 15 days prior.

    7) If you wish to discontinue the library for a particular span of time, prior information is appreciated. ( Atleast 30 days before hand).

##Privacy policy

Rento Mojo Toys ensures the information of the members will be intact with us.

##Refund of security deposit

   1) Discontinuation of the membership should be informed a month prior.

    2) After termination/cancellation of your membership the security deposit shall be returned in 15 working days after receiving all the items in satisfactory condition from the member.

    3) Security deposit will be returned only on the issue of the original receipt.

##Usage Policy

We request you to maintain the toys, books, flash cards in a proper condition as these will be circulated to the next child. We want each & every child to enjoy the Fun basket & get knowledge. Members must adhere to the following usage policies:

    1) Toys & Books are to used under parental guidance.

    2) RentoMojo Toys are not to be used or handled with Food, Mud, Water, Sand & Dirt.

    3) Members are requested to wipe down the toys with any visible debris before returning to us.

    4)  The box instruction manual and parts of the block games, puzzles have to be handled properly. (Any loss to the above stated is chargeable).

If any Toy from Rento Mojo Toys is delivered in a bad or incomplete way, you are free to call us immediately. The Toy/Book/Flash card will be changed within a span of 3 hours.